Visiting Vegas

Being from Vegas, I love to go back and visit.  The best time to visit Vegas is March, April, October, or November.  The weather is comfortable and allows for walking around without unbearable heat during those times.

(Courtesy of NY Post)

Many people know the big things to do when visiting Vegas, like walking around Fremont Street or seeing the sites on the Strip (Bellagio Fountain Show anyone?); but there are some lesser known interesting activities to do when visiting.  So after doing the obvious activities, like visiting the M&M factory, taking your picture at the Vegas Sign, and gambling, make sure you save time for the less obvious activities.

Wander around the Neon Graveyard or enjoy dinner at restaurants in the suburbs.  There are some really great restaurants off the strip.  Make sure to go out to Nelson, NV, a ghost town an hour outside of Vegas, to see where movies like

Fools Rushed In

filmed scenes at during production.  Visit Mt. Charleston to dine in their lodge; or head to any of the state parks.  Red Rock is a beautiful state park on the NW edge of Vegas.  Another state park, that is an hour outside of Vegas, is Valley of Fire.  Valley of Fire is equally as beautiful as Red Rock.

Make sure you enjoy the less tourist-y and natural side of Vegas while you are visiting--making sure to follow the Leave No Trace rule when visiting national parks.  Vegas is so much more than just the Strip and casinos.  If you enjoy any of the more local activities, let me know which is your favorite of my hometown.


Top Seven Things to do in Morocco

I can't wait to travel to Morocco.  And if you are like me, you are wondering what to do when you get there.  Well look no further.

(Courtesy of Forbes Middle East)

  • Explore the Marrakech.  Wander around the markets and souks.  While here walk around Bahia Palace.
  • See Chefchaouen.  Blue buildings make up this iconic village and create a beautiful sight.  While here visit the medina.
  • Walk around Merzouga.  Nestled in the sand dunes, you might see a few flamingoes in this area of the Sahara Desert.
  • Visit Rabat.  Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and sits on the Atlantic Ocean.  Don't miss walking around the Royal Palace when you visit Rabat.
  • Hike the Gorges of Dades.  The views here are so amazing.
  • Take in the sights at Ouzoud Waterfall.  You can see the Atlas Mountains here.  If you swim in the falls do so at your own risk; the falls aren't patrolled and have dangerous currents.
  • See the arches of Legzira Beach.  Only some of the arches remain, so make sure you admire the breathtaking red cliffs and arches.  Sunset is the best time to visit.  After you watch the sunset, enjoy dinner.