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This blog was written by guest blogger Kerri-Ann O'Halloran:

My name is Kerri-Ann and I love luxury travel.  I am handwriting this in a small black leather bound Emirates journal and an Emirates pen which were provided in my First-Class pod while waiting for my flight from SEY to DBX and then on to JFK.  My mother is back in business class for this leg….OOOPS! So, two weeks ago we headed out on an amazing luxury adventure to the Seychelles from New York.  The journey became as important as the destination when we discovered that we could upgrade our business class tickets to first class for the first leg of the journey from JFK to DBX.  Being a 13-hour flight, we were really excited!  When we realized that this flight, in first class, had the elusive “in-flight shower”….we were beside ourselves!  This has been on my bucket list since I originally heard about it a few years ago.  

Emirates First Class

Emirates first class is an experience like no other and adds to the trip immeasurably.  I was as excited for the flight as I was to see the Seychelles!  I had my own pod with 3 windows and a closing door.  Emirates provides pajamas, slippers, and a toiletries bag with Bvlgari products!  There aren’t enough exclamation points to describe this experience! I was able to order caviar multiple times during the flight…whenever I wanted.  But, back to the shower….I had pre-packed a small packing cube with a change of clothes, a brush and some makeup so I was all ready for my moment.  In the beginning of the flight, the attendant approached each first-class passenger and scheduled their time for the shower.  My scheduled time was one hour prior to landing.  Perfect!! As my scheduled time approached, I became more and more excited to check this off my bucket list.  Well…it did not disappoint!  

Emirates Shower

Each first class passenger gets 25 minutes in the shower room…and I mean room.  The bathrooms up front are HUGE.  Bigger than my NYC apartment kitchen!  The floors are heated, and there are 2 different offerings of products to choose from (relaxing or rejuvenating).  Each passenger is allotted 5 minutes of water, which I was a bit worried about since I wanted to wash my hair (I figured I may as well go all out).  Turns out 5 minutes of water was just fine, as you are able to stop the flow while you lather and then turn it back on to rinse.  Then….one of the coolest things ever….I dried my hair, on a PLANE, with the blow dryer provided!! So, this was an absolutely unbelievable start to the trip, and I walked off a 13-hour flight feeling pretty amazing.  

While in the Seychelles, we stayed in 3 different resorts on 2 different islands.  The main goal while in the Seychelles was to visit their beaches, which are often ranked in the top 5 in the world. We arrived to Mahe Island first and stayed 3 nights at the H Resort Beau Vallon Beach.  At this resort, we reserved a beach front villa that had a private pool.  The H Resort is on a gorgeous stretch of beach that is lively in the evenings.   Each Wednesday night, a short walk down the beach, there is an open market with food, drinks, and handcrafted items.  The resort itself seemed to be the most family friendly of the 3 resorts we visited, with a beautiful pool situated steps from the beach.  Our villa was large and private, and the staff were gracious and remembered our names throughout the stay.  

After the H Resort, we took a 15-minute flight to Praslin Island where we headed to Raffles Seychelles.  This resort is situated on the side of a mountain and each villa has a private pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.  The open-air front desk was an incredible first taste of this resort.  We spent 6 nights here, and could have stayed forever!  The staff was extremely attentive without being annoying, and all knew our food and drink preferences from a questionnaire we completed before the trip.  The view from the villa at Raffles was outstanding, and relaxing in our private infinity pool wasn’t bad either! Raffles has a spectacular team working at the resort pool, and we had lounge chairs ready for us each time we arrived at the pool.  We visited the spa while at Raffles and had signature massages in open air pavilions while listening to the ocean and nearby wildlife.  This was a highlight of the trip!  While on Praslin Island, we arranged to visit Anse Lazio for a day. Anse Lazio often tops lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  This white sand beach is flanked on either side by prehistoric looking granite boulders.  We also spent a day exploring La Digue Island, which is a short ferry ride from Praslin.  On LA Digue, we made a beeline for Anse Source d’Argent, which is one of the most photographed beaches in the world.  It must be seen to be believed!  

From Praslin, we returned to Mahe Island to spend the last 2 nights at the MAIA Luxury Resort, where you can arrive by helicopter.  This resort does not have a front desk…instead, each villa has its own dedicated butler.  Upon arriving to our villa, we immediately noticed our 2 private pools!  Enclosed within one of the pools, was the bathtub! The pool/bathtub was accessible from the bathroom wing of the villa…and I mean wing!  The villa was stunning, with a separate outdoor eating area, a private bar stocked with champagne, and a bathroom full of Hermes toiletries!  The MAIA was complete luxury, with staff ready to fulfill any and all requests.  

As this trip comes to a close, and I’m on the first leg of 2 flights back to New York, I can’t help but think how incredibly lucky I am to have experienced this level of luxury.  I am grateful I was able to experience it all with my mother (who is still back in business class!). 

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