Fun at Olympic Park

Olympic Park, in Park City, was built for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Bobsledding, skeleton, luge, and ski jumping events were held at Olympic Park.  Today it serves as a training facility for Olympic athletes as far as sports are concerned.  Outside of athletics, there is a museum and attractions open to the public.

There are so many fun attractions for the public to enjoy during the summer, making it a fun place to visit.  There are a couple of different zip-lines, one of which you can see the whole park from as you’re going down.  I also enjoyed seeing the park during part of the tubing attraction.  (Employees spray turf down with water for riders to tube down.)  Both attractions are accessible by a relaxing chairlift ride up…which can be made into a ride by going back down on the chair lift to enjoy an aerial view of Park City.  During the visit my party and I enjoyed the ropes course, bobsledding, and other activities.

We also enjoyed watching people do activities.  Individuals went down ski jumps to land in a pool, others climbed a rock wall to jump into the same pool, and still others jumped from a trampoline into the pool.  I enjoyed watching all the water activities.

I am excited to visit Park City again next year during the summer and enjoy all of Olympic Park’s activities.  If you get out to Park City and visit Olympic Park let me know what you think of it and what your favorite attraction is!