Main Street Park City

Main Street in Park City (Utah) is such a fun place to go and hang out.  There is so much to do and see there.  Additionally, there are tons of people walking around so it is fun to find a bench and people-watch.

Collie's Sports Bar & Grill

If you find yourself on Main Street there are many restaurants available to choose from.  There are more casual options and finer dining options; restaurant options include steak, seafood, bars & grills, pizza, Italian, Mexican, pubs, cantinas, cafés, Persian, dessert, Norwegian, wineries, bistros, Mediterranean, and Asian (sushi/Japanese, Thai, etc.) to choose from.  Tourists have their pick of any food they could possibly want.  Many of the restaurants on Main Street have elegant and delicious dishes.

There are luxury accommodations to stay at on Main Street as well.  The two that I recommend most are Washington School House bed & breakfast, a former school house that was gutted and renovated, and Main & Sky.  Main & Sky has a more modern feel while Washington School House has a more historic feel.

There are benches to sit on placed occasionally on Main Street.  I have enjoyed sitting and watching people, from all over the world, walk around.  It is fun to watch the customs and norms of different cultures come through as people walk and converse in a group.

Park City Mercantile

Window shopping, or actually shopping, along Main Street is fun to do.  There are Western attire stores, stores with leather clothing items (leather jackets, etc.), and traditional clothing stores.  I enjoy walking around in all the clothing stores. 

I also enjoyed walking through art galleries there on Main Street.  Amazing paintings and photographs could be seen in different galleries.  I particularly enjoyed looking at images of the ocean and Aspen trees while I was wandering around Main Street.

I am excited to get back to Main Street Park City in the future; and who knows, maybe I will see you there!